Leadership Education Partnership Program!

K-12 Students may join our program in Arizona anytime during the school year and reimbursements will be prorated according to attendance and the time period they are signed up for.

To be in our Leadership Education Program be sure to choose Leadership Education courses for your core classes.

Core Courses are:

Grade Level - Language Arts

Grade Level - Math

Grade Level - Science

Grade Level - Social Studies

Do not register if you are currently enrolled in a different charter school or public school.

If accepted, you may then:

1. Finish Registration

2. Select your classes and programs. 

1. How to finish registration after you have been accepted into the partnership program:

1. Fill out Online Registration for students ages 5-18 
2. Upload Immunization Records OR Exemptions (for new students.)
3. Upload birth certificate (for new students.)
4. Upload Vision Screening if K-3 (for new students.)

Leadership Education Partnership Program


In the state of Arizona,our program for students, ages 5- 18. Students who complete the following procedures, can get many courses and other educational costs paid for, pending proper enrollment.

Program Overview

To participate in the our our Leadership Education Partnership Program, eligible students will be enrolled in a public school. This Partnership Program will allow the schools to pay students’ tuition for Education courses and other educational reimbursements.

Students only need to physically go to a testing location 1-4 times per school year to take an assessment, and they do not need to live close to a charter school to qualify for the Leadership Education Partnership Program.  However, they do need to live in the state of Arizona to qualify.

How it Works 

Full time students will be enrolled in four core classes: 


Language Arts


Social Studies

Classes earn Credit at School of enrollment. Elective credit may be awarded for classes taken of your own initiative, but you must apply for credit after the course is complete and see if it qualifies for credit.

What is required?

1. Participate in state testing and reporting as instructed. Testing is a requirement in Arizona and cannot be opted out of.

2. Meet Class Requirements and report on your work consistently each week. Grades will be issued according to the work or the reporting you submit.

Important Details

Who is eligible?

K-12 students who apply and live in Arizona and meet the qualifications required.

Seats are awarded in the schools according to the states laws, but the earlier applications

usually get in first.

Students should be at least 5 years old by September 1st. (

For unanswered Questions, inquire by emailing officelemi@gmail.com.


To enroll a student in a publicly-funded school, parents are required to submit proof

of immunization for their student, or provide the required, completed exemption forms

in order to be considered fully enrolled. Any immunization record provided by a licensed

physician, registered nurse, or public health official will be accepted as certification of


State Testing 

All students of a publicly-funded school, distance learning or part-time students will need to participate in state tests.  These tests are designed to see if your student is doing ok or let you know if an area needs attention.  We understand that the test do not show all of your students learning or knowledge. 

The schools administer the test at many locations. They coordinate the most convenient testing site location, date and time for your family. Coordinators contact the parents before testing to schedule when and where testing will take place.  Upon request your student can be tested for disabilities and given accommodations in testing if needed.  Please apply for testing for disabilities early, as it takes time to do this.

Students only need to physically go to testing from one to four times a year depending on what tests they are taking.  Some tests are given over the internet through Skype or other software.  You do not need to live near a school to be enrolled in that school, but you do need to live in Arizona.

Attendance Requirement

Attendance and grades are based on time studying each subject.  However we encourage you to both track your time per subject AND keep a portfolio of your work for documentation purposes.  Student attendance will be tracked as this is how funding is awarded for the schools in Arizona.

Credit and Accreditation

Because the schools are accredited, academic credit awarded at these schools is portable to other accredited schools, and recognized by colleges and universities.

LEPP Reimbursements

Students in the Leadership Education Partnership Program are eligible for student reimbursements according to age and classes (Money for classes, books, seminars, materials, etc). 

Proper registration and on-time reporting and state testing are required at the set times in order for families to receive payments.

LEMI also allows you to choose from a large selection of online courses.

Late or Mid-Year Registrants

Students will be allowed to register during the school year.

 Questions?  Email Officelemi@gmail.com or call (435)-419-0060

Leadership Education Partnership Program 

Link to sign up coming soon to begin this Fall!

HELP +1.4354190060