What is the LEMI Partnership Program?

An arrangement where home schooling family students are dually enrolled in a public School and LEMI, and thereby receive funds in the form of reimbursements for educational expenses.

What can you receive?

Enroll in 6 or 7 classes. (Kindergarten is 3 classes plus a Tech Class)

  1. Home Room - For Simple Reporting and access to Teachers and more.
  2. Mathematics
  3. English/Language Arts
  4. Science or Social Studies / History
  5. Technology class from the technology catalog.
  6. Elective or another core class
  7. Elective or another core class

  • Reimbursements up to $1,200 per student. Click Here for details.* ( Kindergarten is $500 because it is a half day program.)
  • Additional resources for study.(Not from Reimbursements.)
    • Technology Course from tech catalog ($350 Value) 

What is expected in return?

  1. Easy weekly reports.
  2. Receipts turned in on time.(Any Time before April 30th.)
  3. State Testing (The Utah SAGE testing can be opted out of.)
  4. Turn in 100% of Weekly Logs.

About LEMI Partnership Program

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Leadership Education Partnership Program!