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Leadership Education Partnership Program!

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We help you establish and strengthen your homeschool Communities.

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inspire your youth to:

Start doing the "hard things"
Learn time management
Discover more about who they are
Understand their duty as a citizen
Study for extended periods of time out of personal choice
Write independently and with insight
Think deeper, study things that may not interest them at first

How do you know if your YOUTH is ready for the Practice Scholar level?

Are they asking to be with their peers a lot?
Do they tell you that you are interrupting their study time?
Have they had a good Core Phase where they've learned right from wrong?
Do they have initiative?  Is it time they learn initiative?
Do they enjoy learning?
Can they read?
Are they ages 12-16?If your youth dislikes learning or just isn't interested, its okay; there's a way to help change that.  Our Practice Scholar Projects are fun-filled, interesting and most of all include a community of peers.  This is especially appealing to the homeschooled youth.


teach students to:

Transition from studying 2-4 hours a day to 6-10 hours a day!
Become a self-directed scholar
Gain scholar skills such as: reading difficult works, writing, debating,

teaching, researching, using mentors
Be a homesteader rather than a squatter
Take action
Find personal mission
Gain a vision for "contributing" to society

If your student is between the ages of 14 and 16 and has a desire for a great education, they are probably ready for this level.