To Qualify, Families must have a student in a LEMI Project!



Open in Utah(K-12)!

$1,200 in Reimbursements per child (Click for details)

K-12th Grades - (Kindergarten is half day = $500)

The Partnership Program has been successful for over 12 years.

How much reporting is there? Not much. Click here to see

Can I opt out of state testing? Yes, you can of Sage testing in Utah.

You may apply to be in the LEMI Program.

More freedom in learning with more resources available!

Special Instructions to be in the Program. The program usually fills up quickly. It is better to  sign up now!

How can I be in the LEMI Partnership Program?

VERY IMPORTANT – When scheduling classes, you will not be in the Partnership Program unless you choose “LEMI FULL-Schedulefor each class except of Homeroom and Technology:

For Example:

  • Class #1 - Homeroom/reporting through Weekly Logs
  • Class #2- Math - “LEMI Full-Schedule...” then choose a math level.
  • Class #3- Language Arts - “LEMI FULL TIME,” then choose English level.
  • Class #4- Science or Social Studies - “LEMI FULL TIME,” then put in the specific Science, Social studies, or History course you will study.
  • Class #5 - Technology – Choose a Tech class from the technology catalog at no additional cost. (The price of Kits, if required, come from your reimbursements.)
  • Class #6- Elective or Core - “LEMI FULL TIME,” then select the name of your class.
  • Class #7- Elective or Core - “LEMI FULL TIME,” then put the name of your class.

Text Rick at (435)-419-0060 if you have any trouble figuring out classes.

All LEMI students get 6 or 7 classes, except Kindergarten gets 3 or 4.

*Please note students are not required be on the traditional diploma path.
** Reimbursements will be submitted to and paid by LEMI.
*** $500 Tech Allowance included in the $1,200 in reimbursements from LEMI.
**** Text (435)-419-0060 and talk to Rick if you have questions, especially when scheduling classes.

Also, at least one student must be taking a LEMI Scholar Project to qualify.

      What are the LEMI Scholar Projects? Click Here to see.

 Choose Classes to see some of the resources LEMI provides.

Each student is an individual, with specific talents and abilities.

Catch the vision, find your mission in life, develop those abilities and skills you will need, gain the knowledge to make it all happen.

 We build community!  You aren't alone.

Your future is waiting with LEMI Partnership Program!

Leadership Education Partnership Program!

Let The Adventures Begin!

HELP +1.4354190060